Petr Smetáček

is a musician, composer and educator. From an early age he was fond of piano and music, especially classical, jazz and folk. And he was interested in salsa music later too. Over the years he plays other instruments as well, such as Czech bagpipes and Cuban percussion, as well as composing and leading bands. Although, piano is the main instrument for him. During his school years at Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague, where he studied with phenomenal Karel Růžička Sr., he had already been playing with various bands and orchestras often in the Czech Republic and abroad. Currently he is working for his own ensembles Los Rumberos (, with Peruvian percussionist Carlo Zegarra Abanto, also with his wife, Japanese soprano Yukiko Kinjo (etc.). Besides, he devotes to publishing and 4 works have been released so far: the CD of Afro Cuban Suite* and Los Rumberos Trio*, the publication of Afro Cuban Music or Mary Flavors of Salsa* and the book of small piano pieces Salsa Plays*. Since he enjoys learning for himself, but also teaching others, he has started to work as a piano teacher and accompanist in ZUŠ Slaný (since 2017), which is an ideal and perfect environment for him.

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