Petr Smetáček is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, educator and bandleader of LOS RUMBEROS ensembles.

From an early age he was fond of piano and music, especially classical, jazz, folk and later salsa too. Over the years he gradually started playing other musical instruments as well, such as Czech bagpipes and Afro-Cuban percussion, however, the piano remained at the center of his interest. He also started composing relatively soon, which prompted him to found his own band in 2004, which initially served as his author's "workshop". The original provisional name "Miniband of Petr Smetáček" was soon renamed to the more appropriate LOS RUMBEROS due to the genre's inclination towards latin-jazz and salsa. The variable cast was around ten musicians, and over time he also created several chamber versions. You can find more information about these successful projects HERE.

Already during his school years at Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague, where he studied composition with phenomenal Karel Růžička Sr., he began performing often with various ensembles in the Czech Republic and abroad, composing for many of them at the same time. Thanks to Petr's wide range of genres, many different projects and personalities were involved, such as: Karel Růžička (Sr.), Bó-Big-Band (which he led together with trumpeter František Schejbal), Pragasón of Jorge Concepción, Vlado Urlich Quena Recital, Lágrima, Smetana Philharmonic Orchestra Prague, Mezcla Orquesta, CBC Big Band of Miroslav Surka (accompaniment for Arturo Sandoval), Duende of Tomislav Zvardoň, Kentonmania Big-Band, Franta Schejbal Orchestra, Jana Rychterová, Tam Tam Orchestra of Miloš Vacík, Jiří Stivín (Sr.) Trio, Cuarteto Tropical, Dos Cubanas etc. Currently, in addition to his own LOS RUMBEROS, he performs with, for example, Peruvian percussionist Carlo Zegarra or Japanese soprano Yukiko Kinjo, his wife.

Another special chapter is working as a accompanist, which he started during his studies at the conservatory. In addition to the usual activities associated with the ensembles in which he played (or plays), two larger engagements from 2006 are worth mentioning: the corepetition of the opera "Beng!" by Jiří Doubek (for the Prague National Theatre) topped off with an unexpected performance in the orchestra, and the German musical Mambo Mambo (taking place in Berlin), in which he also acted as the leader of the accompanying band.

As for the publishing activity, he was originally engaged in it only occasionally. In 2010, at the same time as he finished his studies at the conservatory, he created his own CD "Afro Cuban Suite", and two years later, the publishing house of the Czech Radio, Radioservis, released his 2nd CD "Los Rumberos Trio". In 2014, through the publishing house Muzikus, he published the popular-educational work "Afro-Cuban Music or the Many Flavors of Salsa" (only in Czech) and again, after a two-year hiatus, the book of small piano compositions "Salsa Plays". Since 2022, he has also focused on composing for youths, which is subsequently published by the publishing house, so far there are two works: the piano sheet music "For Children" and " For Children 2", others are being prepared.

Since he always enjoys learning for himself, but also teaching others, he also made lectures and educational concerts dedicated to Afro-Cuban music ("salsa"), in which he found considerable enjoyment. In addition, from 2017 he started working as a piano teacher and accompanist at ZUŠ Slaný, where he found an ideal working environment.